About Us

To be Humble is to not feel that you are better than anyone else, to not show arrogance, and most importantly treat everyone equally. Our foundation is to spread love, positivity, and compassion in a world that has been segregated blindly. Love everyone and bring positivity to everywhere that you go, be HUM𐐒LE.

In the current time being we are not non-profit, but we strive to help those in communities that have families in which are in need. We will continue to work on spreading positivity, and shortly be able to post videos on this website. 

Ideally, the mindset that is implemented on a daily basis is that I am equal to you, as much as you are to me. I treat the janitor with as much respect as the principle. I will treat a homeless man equally to the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. 

Never forget that you matter, you are beautiful, worthy, and more than capable to fulfill a life of riches, weather that is externally or internally. 


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